Friday, April 20, 2018
This has been one of those weeks where I find myself using the same products over and over again because they are THAT good. This calls for a Friday Favorites post in my book. 

I'd like to start things off with my newest purchase in the beauty apartment and it was a rather unintentional one so to speak. I've always loved these Wild&Mild nail polishes but I feel like this one is on another level. I absolutely love the color of this one and I don't know if you can tell by the picture but the finish of this nail polish is so beautiful! It has a bit of shimmer in it but it's actually matte. I was so surprised to see it because usually all these regular nails polishes have a natural shine to them. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the color is called High Heels.

I think it's cool that you can something different yet stunning with that kind of low cost. 

When it come to color pigmentation I think it's quite natural that you have to apply at least two coats of nail polish before getting the real color on. But this really worked for me and even without any top coat (because I totally forgot to apply it) it lasted for days without coming off which is saying something because usually these cheap regular nailpolishes tend to disappear pretty fast. So this nail polish gets 10 out of 10 from me for sure!

I guess this the most random thing to speak about but I am seriously in love with this little helper in my makeup routine. I NEVER thought I would use this Lookfantastic makeup mixing palette but little did I know how helpful this can actually be. I received this little guy with one of my Lookfantastic orders and it was a free gift since my purchase was over some amount of money. I put it straight to the drawer in my bathroom where I keep things I don't use that often but one day I suddenly remembered that I had it there and I was saved by it. So I had recently bought a new primer from NYX but it had kind of a weird texture and every time I would put it onto my skin, my skin would get super falky and dry and just gross. I thought that maybe I can fix this problem by mixing in some moisturizer and it totally worked!

 Now I've been using it quite a lot to mix my foundations and bb-creams etc to get my perfect shade. It so nice! The best part ofc is the little spatula that comes with it. Super good to have a special tool for mixing and applying the mixture. Also, it comes in handy when you don't want to get your fingers into you face mask or moisturizer jar. Love it! 

It's no secret that spring has arrived in Estonia and we've been spoilt quite a lot with nice sunny weather lately. I've never been a big sunglasses gal myself but I've seen so many cool sunglasses everywhere these days and I felt the need to get myself a pair. Now I know that these probably are made after Rayban brand sunglasses but these bad boys were to cool for 2€ that I couldn't resist buying them. They're from Ebay actually and even though they probably have no sun protection what so ever I still like them because you know.. they look cool. I am pretty tolerate to sunlight so for me these do a damn good job and I'm happy to have them as my true companion on sunny days. I'm hoping to getting used to wearing sunglasses now so that I actually had a reason to splurge on the real deal. 

Now this has been the products that I've wanted to talk about ever since the first time I used it. Never did I ever expect to use a hair product that I would love so much. In my now 23 of existence I've always struggled with my hair texture and I've always kind of hated the natural "shape" it has. Luckily there's hair straighteners that I've used to style my hair the way I want and when I finally bought a new one over Christmas I knew that I want to start using it more. That of course meant that I needed some good heat protecting product and since I'm a huge fan of Youtube(rs) I came across this Bumble and Bumble Hair Primer while watching a video. This seemed so good but as it wasn't the most affordable thing in the world I didn't buy it right away. I still had it on my mind and last month I got lucky because Lookfantastic was having a deal on Bumble and Bumble products so I made the purchase and it is probably the best 20€ I've spent in my life. 

In addition to protecting my hair from the heat and smelling incredibly good, this products keeps my hair straight. Usually when I would straighten my hair it would get wavy pretty much after 30min in the fresh air but now with this product!

 I took this picture to show you how my hair was looking 1,5 days after straightening. Even after sleeping it was still straight. Isn't it amazing?! 

Well, it is for me because honestly I've never experienced something like this. I know there's probably many other products out there that will have the same effect but I'm keen on this one and luckily this bottle will last me a while. This is also super good for smoothening out my hair because it's usually really fuzzy. Love love love this one! 

Let me know what was your favorite product in this post and would you want to use any of these yourself? xx


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

If you've been a fellow member of my blog for a while I think you would already know about my relationship with happiness. I always like to think that I'm a rather positive person and I actually love myself for getting excited and happy about really simple and small things. For example today when I was feeling so happy after my school day and decided to FINALLY buy myself a toaster. It made me even more excited and I felt so damn pleased inside. You can't imagine how happy I was about that warm slice of crisp bread and melted cheese on top. My very first toasted bread with my very own toaster! These are the small things that I'm talking about and being able to enjoy simple everyday things like that is something we all should do. If not everyday (because naturally there are some bad days) then at least as often as possible.

Last week I had my crazy birthday week and I say crazy because we were basically celebrating it for 4 days. While I really enjoyed spending all of those days with my lovely sister, seeing our girls and having family over the last day, I didn't feel that spark and happiness inside me. At least the kind I was hoping for. I was so lost and I even cried one morning because I was so sad about not enjoying everything as I had planned. In fact, it was a really weird feeling and I can't even explain it. Now looking back I am so so grateful for everything we organized and did over these days and I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us. I guess I now finally realize what was causing that weird kind of empty feeling and it was the fact that I put way too much pressure on myself. I wanted everything to be perfect and we ended up rushing with everything because we wanted to do so much. 

The point is, I couldn't enjoy those small things and even big things because I was so stressed about the tension and the ideas I had put inside my head. And that's a lesson learned! I love planning and doing everything we did for our birthday but I learned that it's important to enjoy every single step in the process and it's sometimes better to do less and truly enjoy it rather than push too hard and end up feeling disappointed. Always remember your purpose and look things on a deeper level because getting stuck on the outside beauty will not feed your soul.

Now that I'm back in my happy little mind I can see things in a new perspective and I'm loving it. I made a promise to myself that from now on I will try to connect with my day-to-day life in a deeper level, seeing the meaning of things and really focusing on what's best for me. I just think that there's no better feeling than being happy with your self and your life. I still have million things I want to do and achieve in my life but the fact that I CAN feel happy before having done any of this is amazing. 

And while it's good to feel good I thinks it's even better when that goodness is shared with other people. Smiling is contagious and that's a fact!  

What was the last small thing you felt happy about? I would love to know! xx


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Another year has passed and today I'm happy to I'm celebrating my 23rd birthday. It feels like a weird number but I am so very happy with it. I feel like we're all good until the 25 hits because then the pressure of getting everything done on my do-this-before-I'm-30 list is really on. And trust me, that list really exists and I sure as hell plan on accomplishing every single thing on there. 

As of right now, I'm enjoying life and often I find myself feeling humble and proud of where I am at the moment. 5 years ago I could only dream about the life that I have right now and this is something worth celebrating. I've learned a lot while growing up and even during this last year I've started to see so many things differently. In this day and age where social media is taking over our lives, it's really hard to see the real things and enjoy small things in life. Everything seems perfect in the online world and I'm not gonna lie, I often feel like I need to have certain things or looks to be acceptable. It's sad to think about it but fortunately I've learned to take a step back every once in a while and not get it over my head. 

Today is all about celebrating me (and my twin-sister, heeey!) and doing the things that I love. I can feel joy about the smallest of things and that is ok. No need for out-of-this-world expensive gifts or the biggest birthday bash on a cruise somewhere tropical (although it would be kinda cool). Here's what I like to do and remind myself to stay humble and on the top of my game on an every day basis. 

1. Worrying is a waste of time and a looot of wasted energy. Sometimes I can be the queen of this because I get anxious quite quickly and it's easy to stress about things. But the more important is to remind yourself that it's not worth it. I like to do this trick on my head that every time I need to do something that get's me worried, I think about what I can do after it's done. Let's say I have a job interview or something and instead of worrying my head off I keep thinking about the warm cup of coffee I can drink after. Small things like that but it's so much better than to be a nervous stress ball and waste energy on something that is not worth it.

2. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone else but yourself. This is so important because if you're not doing things for yourself then why are you doing them. Again, it can be overwhelming seeing your Instagram idols accomplishing things that you dream about (whilst being years younger than you) but that doesn't mean that YOU have to do those things, too. We all have our own "timeline" in life and that's fine. As long as you keep moving towards your goals and keep yourself happy, it's all that matters. 

3. Dare to live life the way you want. I think that the most powerful thing is being true to yourself and while it's completely okay to get inspired by other people, it's important to do things because you actually want to do them and not because you saw someone else doing them. Let's take healthy lifestyle which has grown to be more popular than ever and it often seems like it's the only right way to live. I can talk for myself but every day I feel so much pressure of not having a strict diet or not working out 5 times a week and while I admire people who can do this, I know that this not for me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to work out and this is something that puts me in the best mood but I can't be wasting time on counting my macros and calculate every single food I eat. I like to have a balanced diet and eat things that I enjoy and just now as I'm eating my birthday cake for breakfast I thought that I shouldn't do that because it's not "right". But heck I'm gonna do it because I want to! I encourage you to enjoy small things in life because YOU want to. 

Let me know what is your favorite quote or thought about everyday living!


Monday, April 09, 2018

Hey, I promised a new video yesterday and here it is. A little bit late since I decided to work out this morning and completely forgot about blogging, oops. Anywayyy, I tried out this super cool hair curler from Philips and I'm still super impressed with it. I've never done curls so fast! The StyleCare Prestige curler is comfortable to use and although I was bit scared about my hair getting stuck in the curler, it was not a problem at all. It feels safe and that's what I really love about it! Definitely recommend this if you haven't tried a hair curler like this before!