Thursday, September 21, 2017
Looking fresh at 8.30 in the morning :D

Good morning my friends! I can't handle how fast time goes by, it was the beginning of this week like seconds ago, I swear. On Tuesday I went to Helsinki for a day with my sister and we had the best time there! We spent 10 hours in the city + 4 hours in the ferry, so it was a full day of travelling. I'm actually doing a longer post about it because I discovered that doing travel posts is so fun! It was a short trip but I think I'll remember this day for a long time because I have never done something like this and it was so fun! Once again I realized how easy it is to make my life more interesting and enjoyable. Definitely going to do these short trips more often now! Now I need to get ready for work but I'll be back on Saturday with our full Helsinki day post. I hope you'll have a really good day!


Monday, September 18, 2017

Hello errrbody and happy Monday! Last week was a really hectic one because I had work or school every single day and had absolutely zero free time buuut it's over now and I'm BACK! So naturally I made myself  a busy free day today but it was so lovely. Got up at 6am, went out and did some errands, then did some cleaning when I got back home and soon headed to my sister's. We met up with our older sister and went and sat in a cafe for some time. It was so good to catch up with her and talk about all sorts of stuff. By 4 o'clock Liina and I were at the gym and did our first workout in a really long time. Also had sauna after and it was so nice! Now I just had my dinner and I need to do a looot of things before tomorrow because we're going to Helsinki tomorrow morning with Liina! I'm so exciteeed because my fall wardrobe needs some new stuff. I just really want to get back into routines and establish a healthy lifestyle and healthy mindset. I have so many notebooks and my new agenda is so bomb that I just want to write it all the time. Ahh, I'm feeling so happy right now. Gonna wash off this face mask and enjoy the rest of this evening with green tea. And I promise you, I'll shoot some outfit pics too tomorrow! :D Until next time! xx


Friday, September 15, 2017

That feeling when your 11-hour workday has ended, you get off the bus and take the walk home when it's pitch black outside, you have your headphones in and you put this song on. CHILLS! I just needed to share this tonight because this song honestly made me smile at some point when I was walking and I think it's amazing that music can do that haha. Love it! When Avicii originally published this song I was obsessing over it so much and I still really like it but it's good to find new amazing versions of the songs you used to play on repeat for so long. And these guys really know how to make covers!  I'm super tired now, so I probably will be sleeping in 10 minutes from now. I hope you all will have a super fun weekend!


Tuesday, September 12, 2017
from Pinterest

Hello my lovely online friends! Today has been so freaking good. It was my first day of school this semester and I had been waiting for it for a month now. I am so excited about everything I'm going to learn this year and also super happy that some new people enjoyed our distance learning group. I have a feeling that this school year is going to be the best one yet! Today we had Selling & Buying course, Public Speaking and Retail & Wholesale and tomorrow's new subjects are Basics of Business and Organisation & Management. I honestly can't wait to start reading all the fashion business books and stuff. After school I talked with my mom on the phone and it was so nice to talk for half an hour although I just saw her on Sunday. Oh, and about that, we ended up having a shopping day with my sister and mom on Sunday. We drove to Tartu, had lunch and bought some clothes and it was honestly the greatest day. Can't wait to do something like this again with the three of us! Anyway, all these little things and days like these have kept me so happy and positive that I just really need to share it here. Can't get enough of the saying that your life is as great as you make it to be. So make gooood! xx