Weeks 2-3

Saturday, January 17, 2015
1. one of the best ways to enjoy the nigh - put on my headphones and listen to some good quality music + snack healthy / 2. got bored at work and tried on some clothes lol / 3. rockin' my new floral pants at work / 4. sat down with my sister and enjoyed a cake and tea

5. finally found the perfect carpet for us, but didn't buy it yet.. :( / 6. but I did buy this jacket! / 7. and then cooked us a good dinner and enjoyed a movie with a glass of wine (..or two, who counts) / 8. made a delicous smoothie after a while

9. tried out THESE chickpea blondies for the first time and they were so goood! / 10.  me and my legs doing god knows what / 11. the shape after my gym session yesterday / 11. started my final day off by getting up early and having a breakfast full of fruits