Wednesday, September 28, 2016

1. Took this photo today after work, I've been working for 7 days straight and waking up at 4AM and 5AM for work this week. I'm happy to start my mini-vacay now! / Yesterday I had a great day after work with my twinny, tried pumpkin sipce latte for the first time and now it's offically my new favorite drink for the season. / Last Wednesday I had a great day with my sisters and this is one of the photos from the blog post I did. / Exactly 2 weeks ago, walking around the neighborhood with my twinsister again. It's so damn good to have her living so near next to me now! <3

A great cup of coffee @ Ristikheina cafe. our own little coffee place in Pelgulinn. / I received the Liquid Gold selftanner from Bondi Sands and my tanning routine is on point right now! / Having my first ice cream from the Gelato Ladies. Pistachio and mango - YUMM! / A reaaally sweet surprise form Blooms Popcorn Eesti. I had never tried gourmet popcorn before and they were so kind to send me so much (everything is not on the picture :D). Thank you again! 

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