Monday, February 13, 2017

Got my nails done on Monday, love them! / Gym selfie / Food, food, food! First pic: oven baked potatoes and mozzarella-tomato chicken + some quick risotto for school/work. Second pic: spinach and mozzarella lasagne. Damn, it was good!

Crazy view with a lot of snow 2 weeks ago / Delicious healthy lunch: scrambled eggs with tuna-pepper-lettuce salad / Enjoyed last week's cheat day at McDonalds. The last time we went there was months ago which is pretty good for us :D / Post-workout snap at home 

Beautiful weather on last Monday / Breakfast from Saturday, it was my only free day and I enjoyed every minute of it! We went to the movies after McDonalds to see John Wick 2. Oh my, there was a loooot of shooting :D.

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