Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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You know what? I'm going to tell you secret today. It's not actually a secret but I think it would come as a surprise for many of you. I have been to ONE vacation trip in my 22 year of existence. It seems really sad and kind of embarrassing to me but at the same time I know that there are many 22-year-olds that haven't had the chance to travel the world yet. Anyway, it was our Mallorca trip in 2014 which was planned by my brother and his parter if I remember correctly. It was also my first time flying. And one of the best memories in the past 5 years. I can honestly say that I dream about travelling a lot, maybe even too much. The list of places I want to visit is endless but I definitely want to visit these places before I'm 30. That means I have about 8 years do complete the list. I hope I can do it!


Do I need to say more? It's just a dream place. That blue ocean water, villas in the middle of the water, amazing nature and soft summer breeze. What more could you ask for? I found a really nice list of the things to do in The Maldives and every single thing in this list would be such an amazing experience. Check the list HERE. But seriously, how awesome would celebrating my 25th birthday in The Maldives be?? That sounds so good now!


This is a dream I've carried with me since my childhood. I remember that we would watch Disney channel with my sister when we were 12-15 and from that time I developed a deep passion for the US and English as a language. I just love English and I would love to learn more about the countries where this is their mother tongue. When it comes to New York, I think it was Gossip Girl series that made me really admire this city. That Upper East Side with all its luxuries. Central Park and Brooklyn with its own vibe. Such a dream! There's like a hundred more reasons I would love to visit this NY, so I'm really hoping to go there soon.


Spain has always been my favorite when it comes to sunny locations. It seems really beautiful there and having spent time in Mallorca, I can say that I really like the country. Comparing to Mallorca, Marbella seems more luxurious and since it's located on the mainland it's surly has many other differences as well. The thing that really makes me want to go there, is the weather. It just seems so freaking nice there all the time. I've been following Jon Olsson and Janni Deler for a long time now and the way they live seems so perfect. I just need to see that Marbella life with my own eyes! Especially the Puerto Banús marina, that seems so cool. 


Like who would say no to Paris, right? I love the idea of Paris being the city of love and this is where I would spend a special weekend I think. Seeing the Eiffel Tower, drinking coffee and eating croissants. If you didn't already know, I am the biggest croissant fan ever and it would be great to taste them in the country they are actually from. There's just something about Paris that is so inviting and I love to see the city that seems so idyllic in the movies. Oh, and Ladurèe macarons, can't forget these!


It seems weird that I still haven't been to London. It's pretty close to us and the flight tickets are not that bad when you do you research, so I honestly wonder why I haven't traveled there yet. The thing with London is simple. We all know that England is known for rainy days but I just really actually want to see how bad it is in real life. We get so much rain in Tallinn, so I don't think it rains more there than here. But maybe it does? I would love to see the city life in London and visit all the places with a cultural value. I think there's just so much interesting stuff to see there. And I love to spend time in an environment where British accent is all around me, haha. That would be cool!

What are your travel plans for this year? I would love to know! :)

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