Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Soo, how did everyone's Midsummer went?? I hope yours was better than mine haha. I was still sick throughout the holidays and I spent last Thursday and Friday in bed basically. I had over 39 fever one evening so it was just kind of scary. On Saturday I took a train to Jõgeva with my sister and today we got back from our mom's place. I was sick the whole time (no fever fortunately) and I still am a bit but I still really enjoyed the time with my family. We had a bbq and did some renovating stuff. I got so excited about renovating and all that stuff, I wish I had more time to go there and do stuff. Yesterday I finally got to see a doctor because the long holiday weekend was over and to be honest, I was so scared to go there. I needed to give a blood test and everything and it turned out I had tonsillitis for the first time in my life. Fortunately it was already fading but I'm still on antibiotics now and I am just so scared of it coming back in the future. I lost my voice on Sunday and it was kind of funny to speak with the fam when I could only whisper. Today it's a bit better but I still don't have my voice back which is so weird for me. But here I am, having so much stuff to do and I have to go to my practical job again tomorrow. No time to be sick! Oh, I hope it doesn't get worse after tomorrow. This is how Estonian summer works - you get so freaking cold that you get that sick like I did. Honestly, I haven't been seriously sick in years and now this. Where is the summer, tough?

Keep yourself warm and enjoy today!

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