Wednesday, July 26, 2017
With my handsome boyfriend on a Sunday afternoon right before I left from Tallinn

It's so nice to be at the countryside, visiting my mum but damn, time still flies by so fast. I have just really been enjoying staying outside in the sun, mowing the lawn, renovating and watching series on my computer. Not caring about anything really, it feels so nice! Yesterday I finished Love Island and I was so happy for Kem and Amber for winning but I think all the couples were so amazing! I'm kind of sad that the show ended because it always put me in a good mood and I was smiling the whole way through the last episode because there was just so much happiness, laughter and love. It was so fun to watch but now I've made like a 180 spin and started watching something really deep and serious - 13 Reasons Why. I'm on the 8th episode already and I actually really like it. I think I'll maybe talk about it more when I finish it. But now, it's time to work on my internship report and later I'll go out to have workout in the sun. Two more nights here, feels good!

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