Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hello babes, happy freaking Sunday! Me weekend has been so great so far and I am feeling super happy. We had an amazing two days at my mom's and it was so sad to leave this morning because the weather was the nicest yet and it would've been perfect to chill outside at least half of the day. We got quite few things done with the renovating and we have so many ideas that we want to make true in the future. I can't wait to go back and continue with everything. I think I'm gonna create a new Pinterest board dedicated to all the ideas and inspirations with the house. We also took loads of pictures with my sister and took our bikes out for a ride after a very long time. It was so nice but my butt hurt like crazy haha. BUT at least I had my cool yellow glasses on and they made my ignore the pain. I'm obsessed with these glasses! Unfortunately my older sister with her family couldn't come yesterday and we didn't see them but I am really hoping that I can go back at least one more time this summer and it'll be great to have all our family's children there. The weather here in Tallinn is extremely good today so I really need to come up with some plans now. Let's make the best of this weekend!! xx

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