Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hi there! I promised to talk about what I did this Friday. Basically me and my close friends from childhood had been planning on getting together for so damn long and we never quite made a real plan do to it. So on Friday it was finally time to take the bus to the place from childhood and catch up with best friends. I can't even remember the last time I went there, it was probably like 5 years ago or something. We (me and my sis)  were there to visit our friend Enna and the reason for me not visiting this place for so long is that my family and I moved away after basic school. We didn't have our own house there anymore, we lived like 155km away and never really went there again.  So for me it felt really nostalgic and kind of weird, sad and happy at the same time. Weird because I hadn't been there for so long, the place where I had lived most of my life. Sad because I really started to miss the times we had there, having such strong friendship with the girls and having the most fun in my life. Happy because this place had given me so much good memories and while we were there on Friday everything felt so good and we got to laugh so much again. Just like the old days. It was a really fun day all together. We ate good food, drank wine, played board games, had a walk and talked about so much. Cätlin also joined us after a while and there we were, 4 best friends from childhood. Still missing 3 girls but it was something at least. Me and my sister took the latest bus back to Tallinn and we got home after 11PM. Really got me thinking that it's actually so easy to do these kind of things and that the next time should be earlier than after 5 years from now, haha. Thank you girls!

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