Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Summer is already almost halfway through in Estonia but despite the fact we still don't have a proper summer weather here. I think it has been the coldest summer yet. So in sincere hoping that it will get warmer soon I've made myself a summer to-do list, so when the summer finally comes, I can start doing all the fun stuff and still make the best out of this season. I will complement this list on a rolling basis, maybe I will get some new ideas. What are your plans for this summer? 

🌞 Watch the sunrise 
🌞 Stay up for 24h straight  ✔️
🌞 Go swimming
🌞 Go to an open-air concert ✔️
🌞 Go on a roadtrip
🌞 Join a new gym
🌞 Take photos during the golden hour
🌞 Have a breakfast at a restaurant
🌞 Have a bonfire by the beach
🌞 Drink cocktails on a rooftop terrace
🌞 Have a picnic
🌞 Go to the zoo ✔️
🌞 Spend a day at the beach
🌞 Go berry picking
🌞 Go hiking
🌞 Do renovating at mom's house 
🌞 Be more spontaneous
🌞 Learn to cook a new meal
🌞 Visit at least 5 new restaurants
🌞 Visit the Rummu quarry
🌞 Go on a night out with friends
🌞 Have a sauna night with friends
🌞 Try new healthy foods
🌞 Spend a sunset on a beach
🌞 Film a video every week

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