Sunday, July 09, 2017

I'm not gonna lie, I had the best night of this year on Friday! It was just so good and everything I wished for. If you have followed me for a while you probably already know that I'm a huge fan of HURTS music and I've been to their concerts here in Tallinn for 3 times. So it was my 4th Hurts concert and I was more excited than ever because it was an open-air event and the last time it was so good. We got sooo lucky with the weather and it was blue skies all day long. And such a nice sunset! It did get pretty cold in the end but it was totally worth it.

We got to the Õllesummer Festival before 8PM and quite quickly crabbed some drinks before heading to the stage area. And damn, these pineapple mojitos were the best cocktails I've ever had. But we ended up drinking them pretty quickly because we wanted to take our positions as close to the stage as possible. I think there was like 3-4 rows of people before me, so it was a pretty good spot. After waiting some time it was time for Pur Mudd who was performing before Hurts. They were pretty good but ended their performance 30min earlier than it was written on the program. So it was time for another 1,5h standing yay! At that point it was already clear that no-one is going to leave their spot and there was people coming all the time. So we couldn't move and my feet were already dead from my 10h long workday before the concert.

Damn, I honestly thought I'm gonna die at one point. I remember saying to my sister that next time I'm not gonna stand and wait so long just to get close to the stage. I was just so tired but as soon as Hurts walked on the stage, all the pain and tiredness was gone in a second and I took my words back because it was so nice to see them that close. I honestly can't describe the feeling of being in the crowd, singing, jumping and cheering all the time. It was amazing!! The crowd knew all the lyrics by heart and honestly everyone near the stage was cheering so hard. It was so fun! All the songs were amazing and the show was just great. I feel like I just can't describe it because words will not do it justice. But I did have my favorite moment of the concert and it was when Beautiful Ones came. Likeee, can you image singing that song with the perfect summer weather, just jumping and waving all the time, you're favorite artists being on stage just 2 meters away? It was crazyyy but it was like that throughout the concert. Can't thank them enough for always coming back here and never forgetting our lovely little country. Damn, they are just great and nights like these make life so fun. Can't wait for the new album in fall tough!

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