Monday, August 21, 2017

 It's been weird today. I've had so many emotions and phases today that I can't really understand where I am at the moment. One of the best feelings I had today was when we took these pictures by the port with my sister. It was so peaceful and relaxing there, there was nothing to worry about and I truly enjoyed my sisters company. We talked a lot and came up with a really fun idea that we now are planning. I'm hoping that all goes well and we'll have a nice day to ourselves on September. So we said goodbye in a really happy mindset (although we were both hurting from our shoes haha) and once again we got home just before the rain. Then it was time for me to do some budgeting on excel and I damn, it was nice! I don't know why I haven't done it before on that program, it's way more fun than doing it on the paper. I felt so good after doing it and I think I'll start to make all of my lists there now haha. Anyway. the day is ending soon and I've come to realize that I actually am happy right now. Sure I have tons of things that can stress me out easily and if I think to about them too much I could cry. But for the most part, I feel happy and I try to keep these negative things on the back of my mind. And by the way, all the pictures are from my sis today because I just loved taking pictures of her and I wanted to share some with you. You're more than welcome to check out her Instagram and her blog which is amazing!! That is it for today, sending much love to you all and keep being positive! xx 

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