Friday, August 25, 2017

Hi guyss and Happy Friday! My weekend has started in a really good way: woke up at 7.30AM, had breakfast and did a big cleaning before it was 10 o'clock, went to the post office, had a nice lunch at home and now I'm sitting here with my hot green tea, blanket over my feet at second load of laundry washing in the machine. Gotta love productivity! By the way, I've been listening to fall playlists on Spotify for a few day now and it feels so good. There's just something about that slow indie vibe music that I really enjoy. I'm listening Dreamcatcher playlist by Kalyn Nicholson and it's so good! Another one that I really like is Your Favorite Coffehouse by Spotify. Just perfect tunes for the season. Now I basically have music playing all the time when I'm home or outside walking somewhere. Getting Spotify Premium was surely one of the best decisions of my life haha. Anyway, I'm feeling so happy today and I don't even care that the weather turned so grey and cold so suddenly. Like honestly, on day it was over 20°C and the next day it was like 15-17°C. I really need to get a new scarf and gloves now haha. Fall outfits coming soon! The one I'm showing today is probably going to be the last somewhat summery outfit. I paired my white Nike sneakers with my favorite jeans at the moment and this camo jacket that I've had for a year now. It still looks like new and I really really love it. It was also the first time that I curled my short hair and I liked it! Need to learn more about hair styling asap. Okay, I really need to stop writing this post already, I've talked about 5 different topics already haha. I'll talk to you very soon! xx

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