Sunday, August 06, 2017
CLICK TO SHOP: 1. Pink notebook  / 2. Pencils / 3. Lap top sticker  / 4. Black backpack  / 5. I am Very Busy agenda / 6. Glitter pencil case 

Hello my lovelies! Today I've been on such a school vibe and I've been getting so excited about buying all the school stuff. I bought my first item - gold and pink notebook, so cute! And now I've been browsing through different websites to look for stationary and bags. Sooo fun! The only sad thing is that the selection here in Estonia is really poor and it can be quite hard to get your hands on something cool. Fortunately we have Asos, life saver honestly. I also looked through Target website and their selection on different agendas is literally the best. So cute and so affordable. I really hope I can find something similar here. I also want to buy a new pencil case and bag for school. Haven't decided if I want a tote bag or a backpack but this Mango one is so beautiful, so maybe this? Anyway, I know it's still early August and most people don't even want to think about going to school yet but I am so excited because I'm going on my 3rd year and I'm going to have some really interesting subjects this year. But first I need to buy all kinds of cute school stuff, haha. Talk to you soon, hope you're having a good Sunday night! xx

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