Friday, August 18, 2017
Exactly on year ago and this choker is still my true best friend

Hi guys, hope you're having a good day! Yesterday was a super great day for me. It was the day to defense my internship and it felt so good to finally be done with it. My first internship ever and also my first time seeing the insides of a sewing company. It was a really interesting experience overall and those 4 weeks went by so fast. Now I'm so excited for my 3rd year in university. So many subjects that sound so fun and right up my ally. And this time I need to start looking for an internship place sooner haha. But yeah, it was a great 2 hours at school yesterday and after that I went to my sisters place. We had some food, chilled on the couch and went out to enjoy the weather. Ended with a successful visit to the thrift store by our surprise. I got 3 items for 10€ and one of them being a really warm winter jacket. Honestly, I never find anything from the thrift stores because I just don't know how to shop there. So it was a surprisingly good visit for me. Got home right before the rain and thunderstorm which was extra nice because I got to spend the rest of my evening drinking tea, browsing through different online stores, reading a book and not worrying about anything. So nice!

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