Thursday, August 03, 2017

Hello babes, hope you're well! I can't believe that today is already Thursday. I wanted to do this post yesterday but I had a little bit of a surprise change to my plans and I just wasn't home at all. Another lesson learned about not scheduling my blog posts haha. I'll have a free weekend fortunately, so I'll try my best to keep everything updated. We are officially in the last month of summer and I'm ready to make it the best on yet. I'm excited because right now it actually feels like summer here, the weather has been so nice. At the same time I'm already kind of waiting for fall. The only bad thing is that I feel like I want to change my whole wardrobe and it's kind of stressing me out. But as long as it's nice and warm here, I'm gonna enjoy it! This outfit on the pics is from Sunday when I met up with my sister. It was even too hot for these pants. We actually just went to the movies but I was kind of bored in the morning and decided to play around with make up a bit. Later that day we took our usual 10km walk with my bf and then it was time to cook dinner. I was so tired but so happy in the end. Hoping for another fun Sunday like this. Now it's time to plan out my weekend and soon I'm off to work. Have a lovely day, guys!

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