Sunday, August 13, 2017
Yesterday! It was actually so much vivid than it looks here :D .
On Friday when I had my night run to the beach after work

Hello my friends! Today is Sunday which means I'm having my day off from work. It's so nice that the weather is so rainy, haha. I just love to lounge on my bed and do all the computer-related stuff with a weather like this. Yesterday was actually pretty crazy, we had thunderstorm all over the country and the temperature outside was like 30 degrees (celsius). Even when I was going home from work around 9PM it was still super warm outside and I could see the lightening in the sky. It was kind of scary but kind of amazing because the sky looked so beautiful. Today on the schedule: finish writing my internship report, edit the video for next week, prepare blog posts for next week and the thing I'm looking forward the most - listening to good music and creating my fall shopping list on Pinterest. I'm feeling so happy today after a while. It's super nice and I'm excited for all the things coming. It seems like everything is going uphill and simple small things are making me happy again. So good to be back! And btw, who else is excited that Avicii has released some new songs?! I'm literally having a dance party on my bed at the moment. He's so good! Have a good Sunday guys! xx

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