Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hello guys and happy mid-week! Today was just the greatest day for me and I'm feeling so good, happy and relaxed to finally chill on my bed hehe. I started my day early and spent most of the day with my sister which was so good. We went to a store opening party which I'm going to talk about in another post. But it was just so nice to do fun things together and just every little thing made me happy today. When I was walking home from my sister's I kept smiling to myself and I just felt at peace. I realized that happiness is really just depending on you and how you choose to see the life that you have. I've spent too much time wining about the things that I can't change, not feeling good enough and always coming up with excuses why I'm not happy and why I can't actually do the things that I enjoy. But today made me see that everything is just up to you and you can choose to either be negative about everything or see the beauty in the smallest of things and appreciate them. It's just so important and honestly, I'm telling you right now that I haven't felt so happy in the longest time that I've been for the past few weeks and all because I've chosen to see life in a positive way, enjoy small daily things and not let one tiny negative thing ruin my happiness. It's all about the mindset and I have learned to establish a really happy and positive one. I'm feeling so inspired at the moment and I reaaally want to do a whole post about it but it's getting so late now and I can already feel that my brain is not working so well anymore haha. But I'm gonna be back here soon with a new post about positivity and living the life you actually want. Okay, I'm going to fall asleep in a second now. Remember, life is only what you make of it so stay positive! xx

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