Friday, August 04, 2017

Hi guys! Today is finally Friday and I wanted to say a quick hello to you. I've been so busy today and now it's finally time to relax, feels so good. I'm going out soon to watch the sunset on the beach. I'm already on my first glass of wine and it's so freaking nice to just relax, not think about anything and enjoy wine every once in a while. I hope you're going to have a lovely weekend! I have to run now before the sun is gone. Btw, kind of missing my long hair already, haha.  xx


  1. Anonymous6/8/17 15:38

    that hair struggle is reaaaal! :D
    ma ka ühel päeval vaatan pilte ja igatsen enda pikki juukseid ja samas siis vahepeal jätte vaatad, et oh, lühikesed juuksed on nii palju coolimad ikka :D... ja siis ei teagi mis teha :D

    1. Ojaa, see on ikka väga real. Absoluutselt oleneb päevast :D