Thursday, September 07, 2017

Good evening guys! How's your week going? I am so happy that tomorrow is Friday because I am already so freaking tired that I don't know how I'm gonna survive tomorrow's workday haha. I could just snuggle up in bed for a week straight, no joke. It's a good thing I have these simple little bits that help me relax and unwind a bit. If you didn't know, I'm a huge tea lover and green tea is a must for me. It suits so well with rainy weather, a nice face mask and a magazine. Oh, and in you're wondering - I did buy the magazine just because I saw Blake on the cover. BUT I actually really enjoy these kind of magazines and I'm already thinking about the next one I'm going to buy haha. I haven't read the article about her yet but I'm sure it will be great and I want to save it for a free night (or day) because I'm weird like that. Sooo, now it's time for bed but I'm looking forward to cozy up in bed with a cup of tea tomorrow night. Happy upcoming weekend! xx

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