Thursday, September 21, 2017
Looking fresh at 8.30 in the morning :D

Good morning my friends! I can't handle how fast time goes by, it was the beginning of this week like seconds ago, I swear. On Tuesday I went to Helsinki for a day with my sister and we had the best time there! We spent 10 hours in the city + 4 hours in the ferry, so it was a full day of travelling. I'm actually doing a longer post about it because I discovered that doing travel posts is so fun! It was a short trip but I think I'll remember this day for a long time because I have never done something like this and it was so fun! Once again I realized how easy it is to make my life more interesting and enjoyable. Definitely going to do these short trips more often now! Now I need to get ready for work but I'll be back on Saturday with our full Helsinki day post. I hope you'll have a really good day!

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