Saturday, September 23, 2017

Tuesday was the most fun I've had in a while. I had been waiting for this day for 2-3 weeks and I was so excited to do something different for once. We (my sister and I) booked our ferry tickets to Helsinki on the weekend that we were visiting our mom and since then we had been making plans for the day. What to eat, what to buy, what to see. And we did it all!

My alarm went off at 5am on Tuesday because I wanted to do my makeup for the trip. My sister came to pick me up with a taxi and pretty much the first thing I said to her was that I like your outfit, haha. Call me weird but from that moment I knew that this day is going to be super fun. By 6.40 we were already at the port and ready to start boarding and our ferry left Tallinn in almost an hour. We took the newest ferry Tallink has and damn, it was sooo cool and modern that it made our experience even better. The only disappointing thing was the poor breakfast menu but 10€ got us filled up anyway.

When we got to Helsinki, we took the tram to the city center where we walked around and tried to figure out where the subway station was. It was honestly such a mission because we couldn't understand what Google Maps was telling us and we basically walked in circles not knowing that we actually were in the right place. Eventually we figured out the whole subway system and we went to Idäkeskus to do some shopping. First stop was Starbucks of course because the coffee on the ferry was pretty terrible and we needed some caffeine. AND I needed to try the Pumpkin Spice Latte because we can't get that anywhere in Estonia. It had a weird taste at first but I started to enjoy it after a few sips. Definitely tasted like fall!

After the coffee break we started shopping which was so much fun because we hadn't had a shopping day like this in years I think. It was pretty successful for us and we both got some really nice things. So before heading back to downtown we had lunch and bought some snacks for the ferry trip. We got to the port pretty early but by that time we were already so tired that we just couldn't wait to get on the ferry and just relax there. Our ferry took off at 7.20pm and when we got finally got to Tallinn in 2 hours, we were so happy to see Estonian signs and familiar streets and stuff. Even though it had only been 10 hours in a different country haha. We were sooo tired but so really happy inside because this day was something I think we'll both remember for so long. 


This one-day trip with my twin-sister made me really realize how lucky I am to have her because we are so alike in a sense of doing the same things and being interested in the same things. It means I can do anything with her and we'll both have fun. So thanks sis for being here for me and thanks for this dayyy! Until next time! xx

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