Tuesday, October 17, 2017

 Happy Tuesday, guys! Today was me second day training for the vm job and man, I love it! I'm so happy with my new schedule and all that but I wish there was a way of making extra time somehow. Yesterday and today I went straight to the gym after work and got home pretty late, so I have no time to take pictures or basically do anything. BUT I still feel like once I get used to the routine, I will manage my time a little bit better, too. Fortunately I have these unposted outfit pictures to share with you today. Still really loving the combination of heeled boots and basic jeans + a t-shirt. So easy but looks put together and walking in heels always makes me feel more confident. Now it would be perfect to throw on a faux fur jacket and a scarf to give this look a more atumnal vibe. I hope your week is going super great and I'll be back tomorrow with a new video! xx

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