Friday, October 13, 2017

I've always been quite a morning person and I remember that even in my childhood I loved those family-days the most when we would wake up early and go somewhere. I don't know, waking up early has always associated with good memories and happy mindset for me. I know it may feel awful when you have to wake up early for work and all you want to do is to sleep but every time I have these negative thoughts I instantly try to block them with the positive ones. I think about why this job is important to me, what is my purpose for the day, what can I do after work, what are the things/experiences that working provides and the easiest but sometimes the brightest thought - what can I eat for breakfast. By having that kind of mindset I've learned to became a morning person and I love it. On my free days I like to wake up at 7am so I could enjoy my cup of coffee, fill out my agenda and have the most chill start to the day every time. Especially now that it's dark in the mornings. I light up a candle or two and yes, it's the coziest thing ever. One of the things I also really love doing in the morning is working out. The earlier the better. I think it's my favorite way of starting my day now that I think about it. Too bad I'm not gonna be able to do this from next week. I mean, I could if our gyms would open earlier but that's a dream I have to take to the future with myself haha. All in all if there's anything I've learned in my 22 years it's that mornings are freaking awesome. 

I'll be doing a video soon where I share my tips on how to became a morning person, so keep your eyes open and make sure you are subscribed to my YT channel (Link here).

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