Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hi there! I've been feeling so good today and I just wanted to say a quick hello here. The weather has gone super cold in the last couple of days and today it was like -5C when I went to work in the morning. Crazy! As much as I hate being cold, I really appreciate the season and I'm actually so looking forward to Christmas already. I know it's like 2 month to go but today officially marks the start of holiday season for me because I saw that chocolate advent calendars are in stock everywhere. I think I deserve a really nice one this year hehe. Anyway, I can't wait for Saturday because I'm going to have a really chill day at home and I want to start buying Christmas stuff already. Aaahh, I'm so excited for cold days, dark mornings and staying home having a warm blanket to snuggle in and drinking tea. I'm ready to get cozy!

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