Sunday, October 15, 2017

Oh, hello, guys! This weekend has been so nice. Okay, the last 5 days have been nice haha. So much free time, so much things to do and so many snuggles on my bed while watching Gossip Girl. Tomorrow I'm officially starting a new life kind of so I'm super excited and nervous. But I think it's so nice to have something so big happening because it's been a while since something like this has happened. I planned out my whole week - gym days, editing days, upload days and some little things I need to do. I'm really hoping to get into a good routine because I've never really had like a rhythm to my life until now. I want to believe that it's going to be a good ride from now on!

In other news, on Friday it was our 5,5 year anniversary with my dear boyfriend and it's so crazy to think that we've come so far. He's just the greatest and I'm so so lucky to have him in my life. Thanks babe!  ❤︎ 

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