Saturday, November 25, 2017

 Hello my dear readers, I hope you've had a lovely Saturday. Mine has been so good that I'm just so happy at the moment, everything feels so right. We had a nice time with my bf walking around the city, taking pictures, being silly and laughing. We also went by the Christmas market and oh my how nice it was! Definitely need to visit it a lot this year. And according to his Apple Watch, we walked 13km today. So nice! I wore my new comfy coat today and it kept me really warm. I've actually been in the hunt for a good faux fur jacket for the longest time but nothing has suited me the way I want. This one I really like and I'll probably wear it a lot during the winter as it really is super warm. This sweater is also one of my faves at the moment. I love the color of it. And the neck.. super cute! I need to take pics without the coat too, so you could see how nice the fit of this knitwear is. Love it! Simple things like these are just essentials for a good fall (or winter) wardrobe because they are so easy to put together, yet they still look put together and keep you warm at the same time. What's not to like, right? 

Wearing everything H&M

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