Saturday, November 18, 2017

 Hi hello and happy weekend! Today I'm here with a new outfit post. Finally, I know. I've collected numerous new outfits in my wardrobe that I really want to share with you here and this is one of them. These trousers/leggings were one of those "saw them - fell in love - bought them" items and it's safe to say that they add quite an edge to my fall/winter wardrobe. I am so obsessed with these because they are so comfortable and easy to wear. They are from faux leather which is still one my favorite materials when it comes to pants and because of that I've worn them a lot recently. The boots I'm wearing are a perfect match I think because they are really simple, yet still add a little bit more to the outfit. These too have been on the top of my "things I like to wear" list for the past 2 weeks now. Now I know the thing that definitely is the star of the show here, is the sweatshirt that I'm wearing. And yes, I'm in love with it, too. I can't thank myself enough for buying this because this I can already tell how much use I'm getting out of this. I like everything about this top - the colour, the print, the details and most of all - I love the fit. It is like a liiittle bit oversized but not too much and I just feel so comfortable whenever I wear it. 10/10 for this one! Now it's time for some funny Youtube videos before I go to bed haha. Enjoy the weekend! xx

Wearing: pants - Zara / boots - H&M / top - Gina Tricot

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