Sunday, December 31, 2017
My most favorite outfit - so simple and so me. Check the post HERE.

Hey babes and happy last day of 2017! It's been a crazy year for me because I got to experience so many new things which I am so grateful for. Another year has passed whilst having my own little universe here on the blog and today I wanted to do a little recap of my favorite outfits I wore this year. Once again I wish I had taken way more photos but here's hoping that the next year will be a better one in that sense. This year I actually felt the happiest with my wardrobe. Like I've never been that satisfied with my clothes but I guess I made some good choices this year. 2017 favorite outfits lez roll! PS. You can find the post link below the pictures!

1. Green bomber + leather pants / 2. Green bomber + cable knit / 3. Pink knitwear  / 4. Long grey coat / 5. Burgundy bomber / 6. Over the knee boots

Coats and jackets are still my favorites when it comes to clothes and that's why I always love to have some kind of item over my basic outfit. I think it's the easiest way to make an outfit more interesting and well.. to be honest it's always quite necessary to carry a jacket with you in Estonia. The green one definitely got the most wear out of it because it's so comfortable and warm and I really like the style of it. I really tried to wear more heeled boots this year and I guess I did quite good compared to my previous years. I still want to get better in that haha. 

7. Blush bag + jeans  / 8. Striped top9. Striped pants / 10. Yellow top   11. Faux fur coat  / 12. Red sweatshirt 

Pants, pants, pants even in the summertime haha. I just can't remember the last time it was so warm that I actually wanted to wear a dress outside. The weather in Tallinn has gone super weird this year and I guess it shows on my outfits too. No warmth in the summer and no snow/cold in the winter. So this year autumn has lasted for 4 months already and I've been living in sweaters and this faux fur coat. I do have to mention this red sweatshirt because it's still one of my favorite items in my wardrobe. Can't wait to style it in summer. One thing I also fell in love with this year - sailor hats (I hope it's the correct term haha). I bought one navy one from H&M in September and I wore it so so much and I still really like it. Again just an easy accessory to spice up any outfit. Need to get this in other colors too. 

Anyway, these were my favorite outfits from this year and yes I am more than excited for 2018 and new outfits to shoot. Let me know which outfit was your favorite! 

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