Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Good evening peeps! Goosh, I can't believe that Christmas is officially over. I'm so sad! We drove home to Tallinn with my bf on Monday and I spent the whole day on the couch watching TV because I had gotten sick over the night. I was so confused with how I felt because I just didn't want to believe that I'm actually sick. It turned out I even had pretty high fever so I felt dead for the whole day. It was actually cozy to lay on the couch with my lovely man by my side but it sure wasn't the best way to spend Christmas Day. By my surprise this horrible feeling was gone the next morning and I got to go and visit my friend. More specifically I went to Laitse (my childhood hometown) where I hadn't been for many many years and it was so weird to see this small town again. We sat in Cätlin's place with my twin-sister and Enna so it felt like the old days because we used to spend a lot of time there when we were kids. It was a lovely day yesterday and today it was already time for work again. Damn, time, why do you fly by so fast? And while we're on the subject - this pics were actually taken on the 17th of Dec which feels like a forever ago now haha. I really like how these turned out but it's kind of depressing how autumnal the weather in here is. But on the bright side - I can still wear that faux fur jacket with anything I want and I still feel warm. Now that Christmas is over I'm already starting to wait for spring and spring fashion. 

I hope your Holidays were super great and I will talk to you soon! xx

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