Monday, December 18, 2017

Hello my beautiful people! I'm feeling so tired again today haha. I worked for 6 days straight last week and yesterday was also a really active day which means I haven't had the time to relax and rest for a long time. It was such a hard workday today because my eyelids literally hurt from being tired. I'm constantly doing like a 100 things at the same time and my head is going crazy with all the things I have to think about. But I'll spare you today and share my lovely memories from yesterday instead. We had a really nice "Christmas date" with my twin-sister Liina. We did some Christmas shopping. Well.. we tried but it was a bit fail. Went out to eat something good and ended our day at the movies watching Daddy's Home 2. It was such a nice Christmas movie and after that I was feeling a lot happier because I'd missed this warm and fuzzy feeling inside. And we also exchanged our gifts yesterday! It's always my favorite part of Christmas - thinking about what to give my sister and wrapping her present. It was so lovely but unfortunately I didn't take a lot of pictures. But it's the memories that count! Thank you sis for this amazing day! xx

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