Monday, January 29, 2018

Just one very delicious photo about today. It was a good day. "The Greatest Showman" was such a great movie and the story it tells is truly amazing. Celebration of humanity. Like how good does it sound? I wish there was more of it in the world we live in! I'm not gonna go really deep into the movie because I'm just bad in describing the feeling and emotion this movie made me feel. You just have to see this for yourself! Oh, and the music - love it! This was like a perfect movie date with my sister. Last year we went to see "La La La Land" together and now this. These kind of movies are just so good to watch and now I'll probably spend the rest of my day listening to soundtracks and wishing I could sing haha. Anyway, I'll be posting a new outfit here soon, so keep an eye out. Other than that I wish you an amazing new week and go see "The Greatest Showman" if you haven't already! xx

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