Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Good evening my loves! My 2018 dreamboard is here hehe. I've always been one to make all kinds of lists and inspirational collages because somehow I feel like these things really help. It's so good to have a visual space you can look at when you are a bit down or something because honestly every time I look at my dreamboard I get so inspired and I remember why I'm doing the things I do. My this year's biggest wish is to find balance in my life. It's been quite hard to establish a good routine that really works out for me now that I have a different job (I still like to refer to it as my new job but it's been 5 weeks already haha). But at the moment I feel like I have so much on my plate and my goal for this year is to get rid of that constant feeling of quilt because I just have no time to do everything I want. Honestly I spend every single day thinking about the things I wish I could do and I battle between choices because I physically can't do everything that my mind says. So I have a mission to find a perfect rhythm to my life and gain a peace of mind. 

Another thing I really want to focus on is travelling. I want to take small trips and not care so much about money and time. I want to experience new cultures and new adventures. Try something new. Even explore Estonia a bit more because despite the fact that our country is super small, I haven't actually seen all the beauty we have here. And this is something I really want to change this year. Be more adventurous!

I plan on having a fun year. I plan to party because yes, it doesn't come naturally anymore. But this year has started with many good parties and all of this just made me realize how important it is to let loose sometime and just truly enjoy life by singing and dancing as loud as possible. For the last 2 years I didn't go to a single summer party and I am kind of wondering how I managed to do that. So this year I want to let loose and enjoy time partying, not to stress so much about time and all the useful ways I could spend it.

I don't know if it's the fact that it's only 18th today but I feel like this year is going so great. I haven't had such busy weekends in a long time. Well.. actually I think it was over a month ago that I had a non-planned weekend. Who am I? Anyway, I have a good feeling about this year and I always keep reminding myself that it's all up to me. No-one else is going to do those things for me and no-one else will make my life better (not that I'm complaining). So this year's moto - WORK HARD, PLAY HARD!

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