Sunday, January 28, 2018

Guess who's back? Back again 🎵. I swear I always sing that song in my mind whenever I come back here after a while. Sooo, how have you all been? We are so near to the last day of this month which means that the first month of 2018 will be over soon. Crazy! Like I've said before this year has started in a really good way for me and all of my weekends have been so so nice. Last weekend I visited my mom with my twin-sister and on Sunday we all drove to Tallinn to celebrate our oldest sister's birthday. It was so much fun and these kind of family days always make me so happy. 

Yesterday I hung out with my older sister again and damn, it's fun when you have your sisters living so close to you. We took a lot of photos, enjoyed lunch and did a tiny bit of shopping. Loved it! It was so nice to have someone taking pictures who really enjoys it and I don't have to force anything haha. And it was fun to shoot because I tried wearing some new outfits which I absolutely looove. It is so much fun to play with some older clothes and find new ways to wear them because honestly, I hadn't worn any of these items in the longest time. Well... except for the boots because these are my holy grails at the moment and I never leave the house without them. 

Tomorrow is Monday and I have another fun day planned. I have a week off from work because it's my school week but since we don't have any lectures tomorrow I can have that day to myself which is nice. I want to do sooo much so I better start going to sleep now to kick tomorrow in the butt haha. Talk soon! xx

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