Wednesday, February 07, 2018

  Hello and happy Wednesday! Only 2 days left until weekend yaass. Mornings suddenly turn out to be so hard as soon Tuesday rolls around and today I felt like a total zombie at work because I was so tired haha. Anyway, what's up with the SNOW? It has been snowing for many days now and I am just stunned how quickly we went from the situation on today's pics to the ice cold darkness where the only way to survive is to look like an eskimo on the streets. God, it's cold! I mean, I get it - it's beautiful and all but damn it, winter, once again you are too late. I am way too excited for spring already and the weather just doesn't co-operate with me at all. 

But at least I got some outfit pics done before all the craziness. I reaaally liked this look and this jean-coat-boots combo is already on my spring outfit list. I love how these boots make every outfit look so much cooler. And they are so comfy, too. The easiest boots to wear honestly. 

Oh, and it was the first time I got to do a ponytail! I used to live in them when I had long hair and I am so happy that my hair has grown enough for high ponies because I love them. So easy but so cute.  

If you have followed me for a while you would know how much I love different kind of coats/jackets and yesterday I purchased two new jackets for spring and I would really love to show you the denim one but I have no idea when or where I'll be able to wear this. At least I can start putting together some cool outfits for spring/summer. Pinterest here I come haha. So guys, let's give our best on Thursday and Friday so we could be super proud on Saturday. Talk to you soon! xx

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