Sunday, February 18, 2018

Time to say goodbye to another weekend. It was actually pretty good because I got to spend time with some of my family members which is always nice. I guess I haven't mentioned my night shift at work on Thursday which made this week super interesting. We did some layout changes in the store on Thursday night and worked from 20pm to 10am and maaan what an experience that was. I was actually quite surprised how my body survived it because I usually go to bed at 10pm and to be awake for 27 hours was really unusual for me. My eyes were just so red when I got home on Friday morning, it was actually kind of funny. But I managed to freshen up a bit by the evening and headed to my sisters for a movie night. Damn, it was the best one we've ever had I think. Cooked some good food, had some wine and watched "Sisters" movie and "Jack Whitehall: At Large" on Netflix. These were both so funny that I was literally in tears and pain at the same time. So yeah, that was a success! On Saturday I went for a lunch with my twin-sister, my brother and his girlfriend and my brother's twin-sister's boyfriend (WHYY is this so hard to explain). It was sooo nice that they were in town because it doesn't happen often that we can meet up in the city. So I have some good memories from this week and now it's time for another one. We'll be celebrating Estonia 100 next week so it'll be a fun week I guess. Talk soon! xx

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