Friday, February 09, 2018

Weekend!! Yes! This week was absolutely crazy. I worked many hours overtime because the load of work was just too much for me. I've been a stressball the whole week basically because I've had so much stuff to do. So now I am loving every second I can spend at home, on my comfy bed wrapped up in a cozy blanket. How do people party on Fridays? I don't understand because I can honestly feel how tired my eyes are already. Guess I haven't gotten used to the work routine still. If it's even possible to ever get used to it. But I need to make some plans for the weekend before it's too late. As much as I dream of staying in bed all the every single morning my alarm goes off, I actually don't like to spend my weekend days staying inside all day. It puts me in a bad mood by the end of the day and I just can't get anything done. Productivity is always the best mood booster. That being said I'm going to finish editing a video for tomorrow now, do some emails and all that stuff before I can watch the newest Riverdale episode. Fortunately I already have some wine with me. It's a good time. Happy weekend guys, talk tomorrow!

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