Monday, February 26, 2018

 Monday is here and I am so happy to celebrate it with a fun day. I met up with my twin-sister at 9am already to help our older sister with an event. Basically we just had a nice walk from one point to another to guide some people to the event. It was so nice to be outside this early, enjoy the sun and snow and have some chats with my sister. It made me wish I could do this little coffee run every morning before starting my day. Because if there's one way to reeaally get  ready for the day and gain that productive mindset, it's a morning walk. Preferably with some good coffee. It was so good! Now I'm actually here at Lift99 again to assist the same event. I feel like such a little kid in the middle of all the business people haha. Fortunately I will see my dad soon. It's been a looong time and we're going to celebrate his birthday today, yayy. I'm so happy and excited to see him. Maybe I'll even get to meet up with my older sister and her family too later in the day. It's going to be a good time! Now I'll try to  focus on studying and pull on a smart face haha. Talk to you soon! xx

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