Monday, February 19, 2018

Today is the first time in my life I get to say that Monday has been cancelled. Like literally. We were able to work for 2 hours in the morning until we had to evacuate just before opening the store. Stood outside and in McDonald's for over 2 hours until we got the notice that the shopping center will stay closed today. There was a fire but fortunately no one got hurt or anything and I am super proud of our store's team for reacting so quickly to the situation. We are all safely at home now but it's still unbelievable that this actually happened today. It's such a luck that anything bad didn't happen! 

I'm not going to take this day for granted and I'll try to start doing my homework now. Finally. It's been two weeks since my last session and I still haven't started with anything.. Why does it have to be so haaard?? I would rather do some online shopping and search for an Airbnb for our summer trip.. I guess I have to remind myself about This post hehe. It's work work work from now on! Ps. Outfit pics are coming tomorrow!

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