Tuesday, February 20, 2018

 Hello my friends, how has your week started? I hope that everything's good with you! I am already getting excited for weekend because it's going to be a long one for me. Can't wait to shoot some outfits again. This one I wore on Sunday and I actually just throw this on for the pictures. I was out for about an hour and with that time I managed to get so damn cold that my fingers and toes were completely frozen. It's not easy to take outfit pics in this weather haha. I am so looking forward to March because I feel like then I can at least comfort myself with the thought that it's the first spring month. Fingers crossed we don't get minus temperatures for the whole month.. But how do you like this outfit? I am so happy that these captain hats are on trend again this spring. Absolutely love them but I really want to buy one in beige. Any suggestions on where I could find one? The other thing I'm pumped about is the high wasted denim trend because honestly I think these are just so flattering. I don't have a lot of them atm but I ordered a pair in light blue denim from H&M online and I just can't wait to receive them. Can spring please come faster so I wouldn't have to wear that faux fur coat over everything? Ok, I guess I should stop complaining about the weather but it's so hard living in the climate that I absolutely don't fit into haha. That's it for today, talk to you soon! xx

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