Thursday, February 01, 2018

Hello my friends and happy 1th of February! I'm so happy that we are in a new month now because that only means one thing - spring is getting closer. On the same note is my outfit I think. I paired my striped skinny pants with a lose ruffle jumper and biker boots to cool the pattern down a bit and I think this outfit works really well. Definitely out of my comfort zone as I usually never wear stripes or any bold print and I mean.. We're talking about striped pants here. But I love them now and I'll definitely wear them a lot more in the spring/summer season. These would go perfect with a simple cropped tee and some white sneakers. I actually tried these pants on just for fun but somehow I fell in love with them as soon as I put them on and now I want to buy bold pants like these. Funny enough I managed to rip a whole in these pants while wearing them for the 3rd time and I ordered a new pair because I just liked them so much. So I guess you can pretty much understand how obsessed I am with these pants haha. So here you have it - my really eye-catching ootd that's absolutely perfect for those gloomy days we have at the moment. Let me know if you would wear these pants yourself in the comment section. Talk soon! xx

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