Sunday, February 04, 2018

Time is NOW. I've talked a lot about time in my blog and how busy life always is. The truth is - there's always time if you make one. I think that the greatest power in life is to live every day to the fullest and make every second of the day count by doing the things you love. In this day and age it can be quite hard (trust me, I know), but it's definitely possible with the right kind of mindset. 

I'm sure you all have heard about Daniel Wellington and seen their wonderful watches all over blogs and Instagrams. Today I wanted to share my absolute favorite watch from them because I think we all need a nice watch on our wrists considering how fast days can swing by nowadays. And you know, since Valentine's Day is officially only 10 days away it would make a perfect gift! I actually got mine for Christmas from my boyfriend and I definitely was very happy when I received it. Thanks babe!

It's the Classic Petite Ashfield watch with mesh strap and gold details. Absolutely stunning if you'd ask me! I like the timeless look and the mesh strap makes it even more stylish. It's easy to adjust although it was quite hard at first since I have the smallest wrists ever and there's a lot of extra material. But now it fits well and it's so easy to wear. Honestly it matches with every outfit and that's also something I really love about this watch. There's also the possibility to purchase some extra straps and I think I'll definitely do that before summer just to change the look up a bit.

So guys, if you happen to be on a hunt for a good timeless watch - this is the one! By the way, they have some cute Valentine's offers at the moment so go check it out! 

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