Thursday, March 29, 2018

Happy weekend y'all! This long weekend could not have come in a better time because this week was hella crazy. I have the biggest sleep dept ever haha. But it's all good, got plenty of time to sleep now! In other news, my bf got his first own car on Tuesday and it's freaking amazing! He came home like half an hour before my bedtime but we still had to go for a spin and yet came another night of 6-hour sleep. But I can't complain because I've had a car waiting for me after work for 2 days now. What a life! Yesterday we drove to see T├╝risalu cliff because the weather was too crazy good. Already loving those car ride vibes. It's actually so crazy to think that we've slowly started to build a life that we could only dream about like 5 years ago. Love it! Once again I'm in this super happy and humble mood. But I guess it's like that before every weekend haha. Anyway, in 2 hours we'll pick up my sister from work and start to drive to the east side to visit our parents. Gonna be a nice 2 hours, I'm probably way too excited about this but I don't even care. Happy weekend, guys! xx

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