Friday, March 16, 2018
Hey beauties! Another Friday, another favorites post! This week was a little bit different for me as I went to school every day instead of work. Got to sleep a bit longer and enjoy mornings a lot more because I didn't have to wake up alone. So here are the things that I really enjoyed this week! 

This Greenfield Exotic Asai green tea. The best green tea I've had in a while! The first time I tried it I was so pleasantly surprised because I really enjoyed the taste of it. You may think that why on earth I consider such basic thing as TEA in my favorites but this is actually a really important part of the day for me. I have a cup of green tea instead of coffee every morning and since my days start super early, I need this cup of warm hug to be tasty too. Side note: I always drink my tea plain. I don't like to add sugar or honey or any kind of sweetener and that's why I'm always in love when I find a green tea that tastes good just by itself. Oh, and there's something about that big box and bigger tea bag packaging, I love it!

This notebook from Simply Notebooks has been with me since September and although I sometimes kind of forget to fill it in, I still really like it. This week I had it with me every single day and now I'm kind of obsessed with it again. I want to make a note about  e v e r y t h i n g. I like to mark down my work days, school days, blogging days, working out days etc. There's still a lot more that I want to start writing on the daily pages but I'm so happy to be back on track. What I really love about this notebook is that it has the monthly pages where I can easily plan my whole month and there's also a goal planner for each month. And a blank page where I plan my monthly budget. It's so much fun!

I loved doing my makeup this week because it was already light outside when I woke up and doing my makeup with natural lighting is just so much more enjoyable. I wore this look on Tuesday and I loved how this hairstyle suited with hoop earrings. Wasn't the most comfortable to wear a scarf outside but I would still 100% wear it like this again. 

Since we're already talking about makeup - here's my current favorite foundation! I bought this Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid foundation at the end of last year and wasn't that impressed with it to be honest. It seemed quite pale and I didn't like the coverage that much. I don't even know why because right now I'm absolutely loving it! I feels quite light on my skin and although it's not full coverage at first you can definitely build it up to your liking. This will be my spring foundation for sure!

Last but not least I want to share with you these delicious little Nakd snacks that are quite new in Estonia. I actually tried them in summer at first and already then really liked them but now there's new flavors available and it's amazing! So these are raw fruit and nut bars that are sugar free and made from 100% natural ingredients and the best part - they taste heavenly! I'm a big fan of raw bars and these are on the top of my list atm. This orange one is my current favorite and just now thinking about it I kind of want to go and buy a whole box for myself.. Super great for school or after work snack!

So there you have it - a little bit of everything this time. I hope you have an amazing week, talk soon! xx

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