Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Damn, where did the time go? :D I guess I've been enjoying life too much lately and therefore haven't had the time to post here but how have you beeeen? I am truly happy to say that the last 4 days have been so good and I'm feeling so damn good about life. The endorphins from the workout I just finished are really kicking in right now haha. But let's chat about weekend! I enjoyed it with sisters mainly. On Sundays we sat down in a cafe with Liina and Getter and we had a blast. Honestly, it's so good to catch up with everyone's lives and make plans together. I'm so excited for everything that we talk about that day. I didn't take any outfit pics this weekend but here are some snaps from it. Really loving this denim jacket and this hair combo. Gives me some kind of vibes. I don't know which vibes but you know.. they exist. Ok, gotta do some meal prep now but I am sending happiness towards you! And btw, how do you like these kind of snaps? Do you prefer proper outfit pics or more lifestyle pics? Let me know! xx

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