Wednesday, March 21, 2018

So it's like officially officially SPRING now! Yet today felt like -15C in the morning and it's more snowy right now than in December. But let's take everything with a happy mindset and soon we'll be able to throw our warm jackets in the deepest and darkest place of our closests haha. Can you believe that these outfit pics were taken exactly one year ago? I can't! I'm still so in love with this look and every time I see pics from this day I start to miss my long hair.. Fortunately it has grown quite a bit over the year. Oh, and I can't wait to wear this boots again! And all my other ankle boots that I've been staring for the last 6 months haha. What are you most excited about spring? I would love to know! Talk soon! xx


  1. Kevades tekitab põnevust minu eesootav sünnipäev ja samuti tahaks juba tagi selga tõmmata! :D

    1. Nii tore, oleme siis täiega ühel lainel! :P