Monday, March 26, 2018

Oh hello, friends! Happy Monday to you all, it's a shorter work week for all of us, yaaay! And what about this weather right now?! It actually feels like SPRING! I have to say everything with a exclamation mark because I am so excited! It was actually quite bad in the morning, so dark again and fresh snow everywhere. But now the snow is gone and it's so sunny. Ok, weather report is over haha. Weekend went by quite quickly again but I have a good feeling about this week. Just a bit over two weeks until my birthday - seems so surreal. We've been planning our celebration "party" with my sister and it's been so fun. We haven't celebrated our birthday with friends in so many years, so it will definitely be a good day to remember from this year. Need to find an outfit to wear and we still need to figure out some decorations but other than that we're all good to go. Can't wait to see the cake we ordered! I have never in my life spent that much money on a cake so fingers crossed it will be worth it. That's it for today, tomorrow is a 4AM wakeup. Talk to you soon! xx

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