Monday, March 05, 2018
Pics from Pinterest (except the pink roses from my Valentine's Day)

Hey, so it's already the 5th of March. Whattt?? I have no idea how we've come this far already. Today I felt so happy inside again when I left work and I could still see the sun a bit even though it was like half past 5pm. I had my headphones on (currently really loving that kind-of party vibe music), grocery shop done and I was feeling so calm and satisfied with everything. And I've missed that so much because I've was quite anxious pretty much all the time last week. Hence my lack of blogging and being active on Instagram, YT. I just wasn't feeling it at all. But now I have new energy in me and even though this week will be only work-study mode, I feel how much more happy I am because now I just have to get done with everything I've been worrying about for so long. And the feeling after everything will be done is something that keeps me motivated. 

Spring is on it's way and I've fallen in love with dusty pink color. I really want a jacket in this color and those new Puma sneakers just scream my name. I went to try these the other day and now I'm kind of waiting for Woman's Day to have an excuse to spoil myself with these haha. Anyway, I hope you all a lovely week and I'll talk to you soon! xx

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