Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Hello my dears! As I promised on my Instagram, here's the full outfit I wore last Sunday. It was a perfect weather and I really wanted to wear sneakers because it finally felt like it's safe for my ankles and my legs will not fall off because of the cold haha. Man, it was nice to feel the ground with these babies. It's a completely different feeling when you're used to walking in ankle boots for 4 months. I initially wanted to wear a bomber jacket but I knew it wouldn't be a smart idea and ended up throwing on this puffer jacket to keep me warm. All together it was a really comfortable and cozy outfit. Loved the streetstyle vibes with these faux leather pants and long t-shirt. I really want to find a shirt with this kind of cut because the one I'm wearing here is already super old. But it's not an easy thing to find let me just say that. Any suggestions? 

To all my ladies out there - I hope you get spoiled tomorrow! Talk soon! xx

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