Tuesday, April 17, 2018

If you've been a fellow member of my blog for a while I think you would already know about my relationship with happiness. I always like to think that I'm a rather positive person and I actually love myself for getting excited and happy about really simple and small things. For example today when I was feeling so happy after my school day and decided to FINALLY buy myself a toaster. It made me even more excited and I felt so damn pleased inside. You can't imagine how happy I was about that warm slice of crisp bread and melted cheese on top. My very first toasted bread with my very own toaster! These are the small things that I'm talking about and being able to enjoy simple everyday things like that is something we all should do. If not everyday (because naturally there are some bad days) then at least as often as possible.

Last week I had my crazy birthday week and I say crazy because we were basically celebrating it for 4 days. While I really enjoyed spending all of those days with my lovely sister, seeing our girls and having family over the last day, I didn't feel that spark and happiness inside me. At least the kind I was hoping for. I was so lost and I even cried one morning because I was so sad about not enjoying everything as I had planned. In fact, it was a really weird feeling and I can't even explain it. Now looking back I am so so grateful for everything we organized and did over these days and I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us. I guess I now finally realize what was causing that weird kind of empty feeling and it was the fact that I put way too much pressure on myself. I wanted everything to be perfect and we ended up rushing with everything because we wanted to do so much. 

The point is, I couldn't enjoy those small things and even big things because I was so stressed about the tension and the ideas I had put inside my head. And that's a lesson learned! I love planning and doing everything we did for our birthday but I learned that it's important to enjoy every single step in the process and it's sometimes better to do less and truly enjoy it rather than push too hard and end up feeling disappointed. Always remember your purpose and look things on a deeper level because getting stuck on the outside beauty will not feed your soul.

Now that I'm back in my happy little mind I can see things in a new perspective and I'm loving it. I made a promise to myself that from now on I will try to connect with my day-to-day life in a deeper level, seeing the meaning of things and really focusing on what's best for me. I just think that there's no better feeling than being happy with your self and your life. I still have million things I want to do and achieve in my life but the fact that I CAN feel happy before having done any of this is amazing. 

And while it's good to feel good I thinks it's even better when that goodness is shared with other people. Smiling is contagious and that's a fact!  

What was the last small thing you felt happy about? I would love to know! xx


  1. Tundsin selles postituses nii palju iseennastki ära. Aitäh, et oma mõtteid jagasid! Need tulid mulle nii ideaalsel ajal, pean ka oma sünnipäeva 3 päeva pärast ja pinge on peal küll, sain siit julgustust mitte muretsemiseks :) Ja täna tundsin rõõmu selle üle, et mul on võimalus elada, aktiivne olla ja nautida päikest, mis minu õhtuse jalutuskäigu ajal pilve tagant välja puges :)

    1. Nii armas, seda oli hea lugeda :). Soovin sulle ilusat sünnipäeva!